2024 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2024)

Welcome to ICAIE 2024 !

2024 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education

Conference Overview *

The intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education represents a burgeoning field of research and innovation, with profound implications for the future of learning and teaching. The Artificial Intelligence and Education International Academic Conference serves as a pivotal platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners from around the globe to converge, exchange ideas, and explore the multifaceted dimensions of AI in education.

* Key Themes *

1. **AI-Enhanced Learning Environments:** Delve into the integration of AI technologies to optimize learning environments, personalize instruction, and foster adaptive learning experiences.

2. **Intelligent Tutoring Systems:** Explore the design, development, and deployment of intelligent tutoring systems that leverage AI algorithms to provide tailored, responsive guidance to learners.

3. **Data Analytics and Educational Insights:** Discuss methodologies and best practices for leveraging big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to derive actionable insights into student learning behaviors, performance trends, and instructional efficacy.

4. **Ethical Considerations in AI Education:** Examine the ethical implications surrounding the use of AI in educational contexts, including issues of data privacy, algorithmic bias, and equitable access to AI-driven educational resources.

5. **AI for Educational Assessment and Evaluation:** Investigate the role of AI in streamlining assessment processes, enhancing the validity and reliability of educational evaluations, and facilitating competency-based learning frameworks.

6. **Innovative Pedagogical Approaches:** Showcase innovative pedagogical models and teaching strategies empowered by AI technologies, including gamification, simulation-based learning, and collaborative virtual environments.

7. **AI in Special Education and Inclusive Learning:** Explore how AI applications can be tailored to support diverse learners, including those with disabilities or special educational needs, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in educational settings.

*Conference Format: The conference will feature keynote presentations by eminent scholars and thought leaders in the field, alongside paper presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to network with peers, forge collaborations, and gain insights into the latest advancements shaping the future of AI-enabled education.

* Target Audience *

- Researchers and Academics in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Education, Computer Science, Psychology, and related disciplines.

- Educators, Teachers, and School Administrators seeking to harness AI technologies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

- Industry Professionals involved in the development and deployment of educational technology solutions.

- Policymakers, Government Officials, and NGOs interested in shaping policies and initiatives at the intersection of AI and education.

Join us at the Artificial Intelligence and Education International Academic Conference to explore the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of education and empowering learners worldwide.

Full Paper Submission Date

August 15, 2024

Registration Deadline

October 1, 2024

Final Paper Submission Date

October 15, 2024

Conference Dates

November 22-24, 2024

Call For Papers

· Track 1: Emerging Technologies In Education 

· Web-based Learning

· ...

· Track 2: Emerging Multimedia Applications And Technologies

· Image/Video Processing

· ...

· Track 3: Artificial Intelligence In Education

· ChatGPT and AI-Enhanced Learning

· ...

Call For Papers


All papers of ICAIE2024 will be published in the Conference Proceedings, which will be submitted to EI and Scopus for indexing.